a stylish dyke is really what it may sound like: a lesbian which really likes them some recreations. Or at least, seem truly hot in leggings. It is similar to if the lesbian world happened to be Spice industry. We’ve

child dykes

stylish dykes, terrifying dykes (your ex’s ex), classy dykes (

large femmes

), and ginger dykes (red-headed lesbians?). Woman power!

a stylish dyke is actually a lesbian which really likes them some activities. Or at least, they look good in athleisure.

What’s stylish dyke fashion?

Pink News
, a stylish dyke is “a lesbian which dresses in stylish clothing and performs many sport.” Thus although a sporty dyke is not


at sports, they are able to be considered a sporty dyke as long as they put on enough athleisure. (to not end up being mistaken for some


exactly who use athleisure but never go outdoors.)

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Generally, stylish dykes tend to be





, definition they have a lot more masculine-leaning fuel and style, or are far more on “masculine” region of the butch/femme size. But by the U.S. soccer team, there are a lot of actually hot sporty femme dykes too. And while abs are not required to end up being a sporty dyke, they truly are valued.

Let’s not pretend, after soft butch queen Katie Sowers coached within Super Bowl in 2010, we pretty much all became sporty dykes.

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