RETN has announced three significant enhancements to its network infrastructure in Poland, aimed at improving Internet connectivity across Central and Eastern Europe. A new 150-kilometer fiber line between Biala Podlaska and Lublin has been established by RETN. Furthermore, at a crucial intersection close to the border between Poland and Germany, RETN has finished connecting its Northern and Southern network lines.

First, RETN has introduced a 150-kilometer new fiber route between Biala Podlaska and Lublin. This new pathway creates a more direct connection from the Baltics to Southern Europe, strategically avoiding the congestion-prone Warsaw area. This route is designed to mitigate frequent disruptions caused by highway construction-related cable cuts. By bolstering network reliability and enhancing route diversity, RETN ensures more robust connectivity for its customers.

Additionally, RETN has completed the interconnection of its Northern and Southern network routes near the Poland-Germany border, at a key juncture. Although this enhancement comprises only a few kilometres, it is crucial for diversifying routing options and improving network resilience. This development would significantly enhance latency on the TRANSKZ route, an ultra-low latency terrestrial network connecting Europe to Asia. By improving this segment between Latvia and Germany, RETN has managed to reduce the round-trip time by 0.73 milliseconds, thereby enhancing the overall performance and speed of the network.

Resilient Network Infrastructure in Warsaw

Furthermore, RETN has expanded its Warsaw metro fiber network. This expansion introduces alternative connectivity options to bypass traditional congestion points such as the LIM building and major data centres like LIM DC and Equinix WA1, where most international fiber routes and carriers typically converge. This move addresses the need for diversified and resilient network infrastructure in Warsaw, providing high-capacity connectivity options and enhancing flexibility and reliability. This enhancement is part of RETN’s ongoing commitment to meet the increasing demand for robust communication solutions in major urban centres, mitigating potential single points of failure, and supporting the continuous growth of digital services in the city.

Amy Bajer, Managing Director at RETN Poland & CEE, highlighted the strategic importance of these enhancements: “These network upgrades significantly elevate our service capabilities not just in Poland but across Europe. By strengthening our infrastructure, we ensure that RETN continues to be at the forefront of providing advanced, efficient networking solutions that meet the evolving needs of our international customers.”

These enhancements would reflect RETN‘s dedication to improving network infrastructure, thereby supporting the growing digital demands of businesses and consumers throughout the region.

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